The company had its beginning in June 30, 1980, the day when the State Commission signed the certificate of completion of construction Marina Gorka experimental mechanical plant.

In August 1, 1980 the Ministry of Food Industry of the USSR included the plant in the "Research and Production Association for the production of potato products."

A few years later, in 1985, was founded Marina Gorka experimental plant potato.

In December 27, 1999 by order of the Minsk Regional Committee for State Property Management and Privatization of the two companies were merged and converted into a public limited company "Mashpischeprod."

The final stage of the company was Presidential Decree № 460 of 24 August 2000 on the inclusion of "Mashpischeprod" to the concern "Belgospischeprom".

Since 2007, production of JSC "Mashpischeprod" comes to the consumer under the brand name of "Peace."

Every year, stories of "Mashpischeprod" reveals new facets of options. We are confident that all our achievements - this is only the beginning of a long journey, in which we propose to go together!

After a long historical development JSC "Mashpischeprod" is:

  • The only producer of dry mashed potatoes in the Republic of Belarus;
  • One of the largest producers of rye malt and snack products;
  • The leading manufacturer of custom food processing equipment.