JSC "Mashpischeprod" - a company that looks to the future

"In step with the times" - is today's market condition, what kind of a product or service, we did not talk, and if the company is interested in living a confident and develop, it is not enough simply to increase production, it is important to constantly work to improve the quality and expansion of the product range. An example of an enterprise that looks to the future, can be called of "Mashpischeprod."

Our history goes back 30 June 1980.

After a long historical development path and to guide the development of production of JSC "Mashpischeprod" is:
- The only producer of dry mashed potatoes in the Republic of Belarus;
- One of the largest manufacturers of rye malt, semi-finished snack and snack products;
- Leading manufacturer of custom food processing equipment.

    Debut at the "Bakery and Confectionery - 2012" has enabled the company of " Mashpischeprod " reiterated as a producer for the baking industry of raw materials such as malt and rye dry mashed potatoes. At the end of the exhibition the company deposited the money box awards a diploma "For presentation at the exhibition of high-quality products of own production," which will serve as an indicator for further fruitful work.

    The proposed plant rye malt is a natural food product that is made from the best varieties of rye. It is not a mixture, which only need to fill in a bread machine, or add water to get bread or a nutritious drink, but only a component of the final product in the recipe, as you are sure that a hundred percent.

    Rye malt produced at the plant, is used in baking to make rye and rye-wheat products more pronounced taste, unique aroma and a special color, as well as in the manufacture of kvass and kvass wort and other nutritional beverages. As food rye malt has a high biological activity, has a restorative and tonic effect on the entire human body. Cereal, yogurt, soups, purees, jellies, salads, enriched with ground rye malt, given its great taste and high medicinal properties, can take its rightful place in the diet of people of different returns. Especially popular this product is in Agro-tourism Slavic peoples, bringing color to any Agro-homestead, which revived the tradition of old recipes and brewing.

    For lovers to eat for breakfast hot slice of freshly baked bread with flavored nutritious beverage com natural rye malt company started to implement the product in packages of 700 grams of packaged.

    As a specialized recycling of potatoes "Mashpischeprod" offers the consumer dry mashed potatoes in the form of flakes, made from fresh peeled, boiled until tender, chopped into mashed potatoes, which is an integral component in the bread of the premium, in the manufacture of cheese, sausage, ravioli, canned fish, and more. Mashed potatoes made only from select potatoes, passed a rigorous system of control. Careful handling and automated production process preserves the full value of the product. If you go for a vacation and do not want to spend most of their vacation time for plate - mashed potatoes BM "Мира" packaged in bags of 240, 500 and 1000 grams - what you need.

    Every year, stories of "Mashpischeprod" reveals new facets of options. We are confident that all our achievements - this is only the beginning of a long journey, in which we propose to go together!

    Manzhurova NG
    The head of the marketing department
    OJSC "Mashpischeprod"