Production of Raw Materials

Dried potatoes - raw materials for the production of food concentrates. Made from a purified, cut into cubes, columns or plates and dried potatoes.

Potato cake mix "Original" and snacks - products of different geometric shapes, transparent and translucent. Are made of dry mashed potatoes with the addition of potato starch and salt. Used for production of air crisps, potato finished by frying in oil.

Rye dry malt (fermented and unfermented) - is used in baking to make rye and rye-wheat products more pronounced taste, unique aroma and a special color, and in the manufacture of kvass and kvass wort, while increasing the biological value of any dish.

Mashed dry potatoes - dry bulk goods in the form of flakes of different shapes and sizes, made from fresh peeled, boiled until tender, chopped into mashed potatoes.